The Christmas Story

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Compassion, Positive Energy, Sense of Belonging

Joey Havens

One of our family traditions at Christmas is to host the kids and grandkids a couple of weeks early so they can stay home on Christmas Day and enjoy Santa and all the festivities that we are blessed to enjoy. My favorite time is when I read the Christmas story to our grandkids as they listen so intently. (I’ve also learned they are even more attentive when they know the gift exchange is up next. Ha!) They love seeing the pictures of baby Jesus in the manger. And for our family, it is really important that they understand the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

I also realize that every December, millions of people celebrate religious holidays according to their beliefs. While universally, we continue to look for morally good virtues to live by. Love, caring and kindness are three that we might find appealing to the masses. They certainly are to me, and I believe they are key virtues for anyone who wants to be a leader, influencer and a great team member both personally and professionally.

For us, we spend extra time with the kids and grandkids to stress the power of our love for each other. Love is something that joins us all together, and we each long for love and inclusion.

I wish you love, caring and kindness, and hope each of you finds joy in this holiday season. As you enjoy your celebrations, stop and consider how you can demonstrate your love for others.

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