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Sense of Belonging

How Are You Showing Up?

My daughter Kelsey has two beautiful kids, Kyler and Kylie. Now, these two kids have enough energy to power three or four Tesla cars. If only I could bottle it up. Today, we are celebrating Kylie’s fourth birthday with lunch, which will include ice cream! CeCe and I have arrived early and are waiting on ... Read more

Be Intentional. #beEvenBetter

In this time of social unrest, I’ve pondered what to say to our team, what to say to you, and I choose to err on the side of “not getting it entirely right” rather than remaining silent. Racism is a problem that we continue to struggle with as a nation. And it’s everyone’s problem. Each of ... Read more

The Christmas Story

One of our family traditions at Christmas is to host the kids and grandkids a couple of weeks early so they can stay home on Christmas Day and enjoy Santa and all the festivities that we are blessed to enjoy. My favorite time is when I read the Christmas story to our grandkids as they ... Read more

Thanksgiving Is Really Cool

Think about the Pilgrims in 1621 who hosted the first Thanksgiving dinner and how little they had to be thankful for compared to the many comforts we enjoy today. Thanksgiving is really a cool celebration as we step away from the fast treadmill of life to pause with family and friends to just be thankful. ... Read more

Thanks for Everything, I Had a Wonderful Time!

We recently lost our Yorkie and best friend, Jazzy. Jazzy was almost 16 years old and was truly a member of the family. I’ve shared several stories about Jazzy’s comfortable lifestyle and the lack of change in his day compared to ours. CeCe treated him like royalty and they even shared a favorite snack, white ... Read more