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Leading and Loving Intentionally

By Joey Havens

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We have just taken the redeye back home from Vegas so we can be home a day sooner than we had planned. Unfortunately, CeCe’s mom, Happy, had a stroke while we were gone and is in the hospital. We drive straight from the airport to the hospital so we can be there when the neurologist makes her rounds. Happy is stable but very weak with ongoing issues with her sight and ability to communicate coherently. (Prayers welcomed!) CeCe is her Mom’s primary caregiver and watching her love and care for her mom is simply wonderful.   

We leave the hospital having met with doctors and arranged additional caregivers to assist Happy during the night. As we pull in, we are overjoyed to see Oliver, our Yorkie, and he is beyond himself as we have never left him for a full week before. After decompressing for a few minutes, we realize we are starving. I open the refrigerator and the first thing I see is, “Welcome Home!” 

Jan, my chocolate peanut butter bar neighbor, has made us a big bowl of fresh chicken salad and some additional sweets. What a welcome sight and we dig in immediately as her chicken salad is some of the best. It brought a special glow, relief and joy to what has been a very stressful and tiring 36 hours.  

Everyone should be blessed with a neighbor and friend like Jan! Her ability to show her love and care is so intentional.  

It’s that intentionality that I want to focus on for us today. Being intentional to demonstrate caring in the workplace is key to a strong sense of belonging. In the words of our late friend and fellow team member Charles Curry, “Love is responsible caring for each team member. True love is not easy, no birds or bees, but is unselfishly concerned more about others than oneself.” Charles, like Jan, lived and demonstrated this intentionality in all of his relationships. How intentional are we to demonstrate caring to our team members?   

CeCe, is there any chicken salad left? Thanks, Jan! 

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