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You Ate the Whole Thing?

By Joey Havens

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Recently, I saw a very interesting pie crust in the refrigerator. It appeared to be chocolate with nuts in it. As I was leaving for a trip to Chicago, I opened the refrigerator to discover it had developed into a beautiful pie.

On my flight home, I couldn’t wait to have a piece of that pie as soon as I unpacked. Now, looking into the refrigerator, it’s GONE!

CeCe, where is that pie you made? It looked delicious.

Oh, it was!

Where did you put it, in the other fridge?

No, it’s gone.


Yes, I ate the whole thing. It was so good and you know I don’t cook, so I just ate a little for every meal. Sorry!

Well, it must have been as good as Mom’s Honey Hush Pie because I swear I could almost eat one of those pies in two days. I’m realizing, I’m giving up control of my attitude as I want to get mad about not having a slice of that pie. That pie just spoke volumes to my salty/sweet dessert cravings. Am I going to let this be a downer when I am elated to be back home with CeCe?

There have been too many times where I let this type of moment ruin a great night by being too focused on me and my desires versus enjoying the moment.

This happens to us almost daily as we have certain expectations or desires and when we miss or people let us down, we let go of controlling our attitude, words and actions. When we give control of our attitude away, it never turns out best for us or those around us. Working diligently to have a positive attitude will bring us more joy and success.

Do you have a trigger that frequently causes you to go negative? How can we identify our negative triggers and prepare our minds to guide us in a better direction? Controlling our attitude can move us from average to outstanding.

Well, CeCe, that’s probably best because we both know I don’t need that pie. AND… I’m going to pop some popcorn and drop in a few M&Ms as a substitute. By the way, if you haven’t had popcorn with cold M&Ms sprinkled around, go for it! A family favorite as I have taught this trick to all of our grandkids.

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