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The Journey to Becoming an Effective Leader: My Harvest Stage

By Joey Havens

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The final element of development described in The Seed by Jon Gordon is the harvest stage. This is the stage where one begins to reap the harvest they have sown from their seed. During the harvest stage, purpose becomes crystal clear. It’s a time of great abundance. 

I realize that I have been blessed with an abundant harvest stage. Thanks to my partners and team members, my purpose has become crystal clear to me. I have never been more convinced that my place of service is in helping others reach their full potential. My love for HORNE makes it easy to know that this is the place for me to pursue that purpose.

My absolute goal is to help the firm grow, help team members grow, help our clients grow and leave the firm better than I found it. 

Throughout my career, I have never written down a monetary goal and yet, I have always exceeded my dreams financially. I know that I am not worthy of all the blessings that I have received. I do believe in my heart that when we serve with a spirit to help others, we are richly rewarded. When we strive for excellence, good things happen. I know someone said, “Good luck seems to follow hard work.” I have certainly been lucky and when you are doing what you love, it doesn’t seem like work.

Some of the best rewards I have ever received are those notes, emails and conversations you share with me. They are truly treasures to me. I am excited about continuing the journey to fulfill my purpose, and HORNE’s journey to becoming the Wise Firm. The positive energy is flowing everywhere. Are you reaping your harvest yet?