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Time to Clear Out the Junk

By Joey Havens

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businessman with a speech balloon with bad thoughts

Dinner is almost ready, and here comes CeCe for what I know will be her junk food snack binge right before I have dinner ready.  She will go nearly all day with very little nourishment, and just when dinner is close to ready, CeCe will come in and open five or six things and start munching down.  It’s almost always sweets, chips, and cheese combinations.  Today, it’s a couple of slices of cheddar cheese, ruffles, and some wedding cake cookies as the counter is littered with open packages. 

CeCe loves her snacks.  But she will also be the first to tell you that this junk food is not good for you.  Each of us has our weaknesses; mine is certainly ice cream and the later it gets, the weaker my discipline is. 

If we turn our discussion to leadership and our full potential, we will find more junk things in common — Junk Thoughts! 

We are prone to fill our minds with negative, junk thoughts.  Fear can freeze us right before big opportunities.  Jealousy can distract us from our purpose and core values.  Resentment is an attitude anchor.  Even small things like driving too slow in the left lane, getting your fishing line hung up for the third time, or someone breaking in line at the concession stand… Maybe one of our worst junk thoughts is that I’m not good enough or ready. 

Just like excessive junk food will affect our long-term health, junk thoughts will limit and hold us back from our full potential.  Let’s clear our pantries of the junk and use a positive mindset to make a difference today.  Happy snacking! 

Baby, dinner is almost ready!

I know, but I am starving…. 

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