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Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity

By Joey Havens

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CeCe is the guardian of her Aunt Kate, who is a resident at an independent living facility about two miles from our house. Aunt Kate is 83 and a retired teacher and principal. She is bright as ever, always keeps up with current events, however, she has begun to have short-term bouts with confusion. This has not really caused any real problems and she still drives her car for short errands around town. Well, no problems until tonight.  

It’s 1:30 a.m. and CeCe and I are standing outside on our front porch with two Ridgeland Police Officers. First, we had to explain why we could not hear our doorbell for the last 20 minutes. Oliver heard it and barked but I told him it was the wind and made him get under the covers.  

It seems Aunt Kate left the facility around 3:30 p.m. with two other residents and they have not yet returned. The police have pinged their phones and have located them about an hour from Jackson going the wrong way. We called her cell phone numerous times with no answer. Obviously, everyone is being cautious that there is no foul play involved but we are pretty certain that they got out on the interstate, got confused and have been driving around lost for eleven hours. 

With the aid of several police departments, we got them pulled over and routed back home. They just arrived at 4:15 a.m. safe and sound but scared, exhausted and grateful. From the back seat, Aunt Kate had been insisting that they were going the wrong way, yet her companion seemed determined to push forward. Needless to say, it will be a while before we have to worry about her taking off again. It’s no fun growing old and it is a blessing when we have a support system like CeCe to guide us along that path. I also want to thank the Ridgeland police, who were responsive, professional, and patient even with us sleeping through our doorbell. Their technology and ability to locate the car on video and track it with the phones was key to getting them back home.  

I’m sharing this because it accurately illustrates the confusion, uncertainty and need for guidance in the marketplace today. Clients have never been more uncertain about the future, nor have our business models faced so much transformation and change all at once. 

It is like we have pulled out on a big interstate with no road signs. Traffic is moving fast and we are unsure of what direction we need to go. 

This uncertainty is our opportunity to serve our clients in impactful ways. With technology investments, data analysis, anticipatory skills and listening skills, we can be that guide that helps businesses and individuals navigate the uncertainty to evolve business models and strategies that provide more security and opportunity. The market is hoping and screaming for our knowledge, experience and skills. So let’s step up to the challenge.