What Does Love Require of Us?

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Honor Values, Servant Leadership

Joey Havens

In December each year, millions of people celebrate religious holidays. Christmas and Hanukkah, as well as spiritually significant days for Muslims, Buddhists and Pagans, are celebrated among others. Universally, humankind continues to look for morally good virtues to live by. Love, caring and kindness are three that we might find appealing to the masses. They certainly are to me, and I believe they are key virtues for anyone who wants to be a leader, influencer or a great team member. 

This holiday season, how will we demonstrate our love for family, friends, team members and even strangers? How will we live each day with a caring spirit? What acts of kindness will be our legacy from this season? Questions we all face regardless of what faith or non-faith we practice. How can we #beEvenBetter at loving those around us? 

I recently finished a book by Andy Stanley called Irresistible and he posed a question that has helped me become a better person. What does love require of us? If we spend time thinking about this, we make this holiday season and this world a better place. 

Now one of the things that I believe love requires of me is that I share with you why I love Christmas. I certainly love our beautifully decorated tree, the festive lights, presents, food, parties and family time. Most importantly for me, this is when my family and I celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is His birth, death and resurrection that is the foundation of my personal faith and where I find joy in life every day.  

I am wishing you a holiday season full of Love, Caring and Kindness. May you have a joyful celebration as we reflect together on: What does love require of us?

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