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15 Minutes of Opportunity

By Joey Havens

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“Are you reading again?” I hear CeCe asking from the den.

“Yes, fifteen more minutes and I will be done.” (For Today)

“Why do you read so much?” CeCe continues when I join her in the den.

That’s the question I want to answer for all of us. Now I read because I enjoy it but I also discovered how important developing our curiosity for learning and the discipline to read daily is to reach our full potential.

In my leadership program, ABC’s to Outstanding, I share that developing the discipline to read 15 minutes a day on one specific subject provides you enough knowledge over three years to be an expert when compared to others’ knowledge of the subject matter.

If you are serious about wanting to reach your full potential, it’s critical to schedule reading time every day. Do you have 15 minutes in a normal day that you waste? Sure we do, our phone alone robs us of at least 15 minutes of focused learning time.

It’s not the 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even the hour we spend that day reading. It’s the accumulation of knowledge that we gain over time as we are disciplined to be lifelong learners. It’s where our knowledge base is three months later and a year later that start to help us stand out and achieve what others only wish for.

Ever wonder why we only use about 20% of the power of the technology and the apps that we have at our fingertips? I never read about the functions. I never invest in learning what’s possible, even with my phone.

Trial and error is a great learning tool but can be accelerated so much with just a little focus on understanding the concepts behind the technology. That’s just an everyday example where we can stand out by being the team member who knows more about being effective with a software or new technology.

It’s easy to do and easy not to do. Average performers simply don’t do it. What will we decide to be with our 15 minutes of opportunity? #ReadingMatters #FullPotential