Breaking Barriers To Capture Your WOO

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Growth, Leadership, Perspective

Joey Havens

Earlier this year, as I was headed out for a day wade fishing for crappie, I had to pull over and take this picture. I believe that God sometimes speaks to us in different ways and on this day, I knew there was meaning to this amazing sight.

View of clouds

The beauty of that beam of sunlight pushing through the heavy clouds brought me a feeling of hope and the promise of a window of opportunity. I first heard the term WOO (Window of Opportunity) from Brian Biro, who teaches us the power of recognizing our WOO and going for it. He uses the inspiring technique of breaking through boards with your forearm to represent breaking the barriers in front of you to capture your WOO.

First, you write your barrier (maybe a fear or a person or a weakness) on the front of your board. On the back of the board you write your WOO or the benefit of breaking through these barriers.

This is extremely powerful when you do it as a team.

You can see people emotionally change their mindset from “can’t” to “can.” From “have to” to “get to.” I’m sharing this story and this picture that impacted me so much to remind us that even on our worst days or weeks, there’s a window of opportunity in front of us if we look for it.

What is standing in the way of our next window of opportunity? Let’s break through it now and continue a journey to #beEvenBetter and seek our full potential. Don’t let the sunbeam fade away; grab it today. WOO!

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