Dead Weight Slows Us Down

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Anticipatory, Forward Thinking, Transformation

Joey Havens

One morning, I was fishing in the front of my boat on Ross Barnett Reservoir in Mississippi. I had an odd feeling that morning that things weren’t just right; however, I wasn’t able to put my finger on it. I became engrossed in a conversation with another fisherman about our LiveScopes. When I turned around to grab another color bait, I saw that my boat was full of water! I was literally on the verge of sinking.

Jumping into the back of the boat, I turned on the bilge pump, which thankfully began pumping water out of the boat. Quietly praying, I turned the key and heard the motor roar to life. But seven miles per hour was all the motor could muster. Creeping along, I hoped the water would run out as the bilge pump worked overtime.

Stopping and quickly leaning over the back of the boat, I found the hole where my plug should have been. Yes, the plug that I obviously forgot to put in that morning. After putting the plug back in, I felt my anxiety fading and my breathing ease up. The speed increased, and I returned to the boat ramp.

The lesson to take away from this story? Dead weight will completely take away your speed, agility, and power. I was distracted and didn’t notice the water rising in my boat. Are we distracted from seeing some of our dead weight?

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