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Good Doesn’t Feel Good To Me Anymore!

By Joey Havens

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I talk to my team at HORNE about becoming the “Wise Firm,” a firm of abundance, focused on accomplishing smart, sustainable growth. We talk about having the uncommon discipline to become knowledge leaders, engaging our clients face-to-face, and delivering services that leave their businesses better than we found them. Leaders need a plan to go from good to great.  

Leaders also need to create a sense of urgency to take daily action to make our journey from good to great a reality. Leaders have to do things daily that the masses do not or will not do. 

Here are some questions I ask to help me in setting my daily action plan of going from good to great: 

  • What is critically important? 
  • How can I unclog my calendar to make time for these important things?
  • How can I be face-to-face more?
  • What can I learn today that will make me a knowledge leader? 
  • How can I best share my knowledge? 

I encourage you to stop (right now) and schedule time in your calendar far in advance to make sure you get the really important things done. What can you do today, tomorrow, next week and next month to move from good to great? Schedule time for whatever “it” is, and keep it a priority. 

This journey from good to great will not happen if we wait until we have the time to act. We must make the time to act. Good intentions will not get our calendars full of the right activity. Let’s stop, take action, unclog busy calendars, and reschedule priorities.  

P.S. If you haven’t read Jim Collins’ Good to Great, I highly encourage you to do so.