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Are Our Actions Creating a Stink?

A few weeks ago on a full flight from Dallas, TX, to Jackson, MS, it was so hot, I began to sweat. You’ve probably felt that stuffy, hot and uncomfortable feeling where you realize you are not going to be cool anytime soon. Yet it turned out this uncomfortable feeling was the least of my ... Read more

Small Gestures, Big Impact

Church service has just ended and I see our good friend, Andre, making his way out of the church. “Andre, can we give you a ride home today?” “Sure, Joey!” Today, we also have our next-door neighbor and family friend Jan attending church with us. Jan doesn’t know Andre, who is blind, and Jan is ... Read more

Good Doesn’t Feel Good To Me Anymore!

I talk to my team at HORNE about becoming the “Wise Firm,” a firm of abundance, focused on accomplishing smart, sustainable growth. We talk about having the uncommon discipline to become knowledge leaders, engaging our clients face-to-face, and delivering services that leave their businesses better than we found them. Leaders need a plan to go ... Read more