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Living the Mission: Telling Your Story with Passion and Purpose

By Joey Havens

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A few weeks ago, I had the honor of speaking to The University of Southern Mississippi Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honorary. What an impressive group of students. We had a tremendous turnout, but what really left me glowing was the work of my HORNE team.

Several HORNE team members attended, and watching this group of young professionals network, smile and represent our firm so well, all after a long work day, was just incredible. They were approachable and many of the students interacted with them.  They networked with the accounting professors, and I even think they listened some to my presentation, or at least they were kind enough to pretend. 

Seeing team members energized about our firm and where we are going is incredibly motivating. It was a big morale booster for me and something I take pride in. Times like this make me realize how fortunate I am to be part of such a special team.  

When days get tough and I start to feel overwhelmed, I reflect on these types of memories.

What’s your motivation? Are you telling your firm’s story with passion and purpose? 

Every interaction we have with team members, or potential team members, has the potential to influence engagement and inspire effort. Great leaders create a culture of empowered team members who feel compelled to tell their story. That story, when told effectively, leads to recruiting and retaining the top talent, acquiring long-term clients, and building brands that endure.

One of the ways we are doing that at HORNE is through our Full Potential College Program.

This leadership and development program gives college juniors the opportunity to experience the HORNE culture and meet with partners and team members. This interaction allows them to ask questions, build relationships, and hear what it means to reach their full potential in public accounting.