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Positive Energy and Learning Through New Challenges

By Joey Havens

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The Sunday before a big speaking engagement, I had plans for a nice quiet afternoon to reflect on my thoughts and comments for the meeting. I like to have some time to prepare or stress out completely.

But right after church, we got a call from our son who said our grandson, Davis, wanted to have lunch with us. Of course, we immediately headed to the restaurant to join them. As we were finishing up, Davis jumped into my lap and said, “Pops, I want to go home with you and CeCe this afternoon.”  What did I say? “Of course, sure, let’s go!”

On the way out of the parking lot, Davis said, “Pops, I have learned to ride my bike without training wheels.  If I had a bike at your house, we could all ride bikes and explore.”  One quick trip to Walmart later, and I was back on the road to the house and my quiet afternoon.  

Of course, Davis had other plans and a few hours later, after lots of exploring and bike riding, we discovered a tree house in the woods. Something new that we had no idea existed.  What an exciting time. All the stress I had about my presentation soon melted away as we enjoyed our new discovery.

By doing new and challenging things, we discover things we never would have known about.  It’s the way we learn the fastest.  Getting out of our comfort zone, deviating from our routine and trying new things can lead to surprising, positive outcomes, and positive experiences activate the learning process. 

Discovering the treehouse was great, but the real benefit of my unplanned time with my grandson was being present with him and making a wonderful memory. What is most important in your life? Are you taking the time to enjoy it?

Let’s be intentional about trying new things and making new memories. Let’s lead by example and show our team how rewarding it can be.