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I’ve Had This!

By Joey Havens

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Have you run across this designer? It seems to be extremely popular at our house as CeCe has many articles of clothing by this designer.

It’s Sunday morning and we are getting ready for church as CeCe comes out of the closet looking like a million dollars.

Wow, CeCe, that dress is beautiful, that’s new, isn’t it?


Ha, never mind, it’s by your special designer, right?



Haha, does it look okay on me?

CeCe, you could make a potato sack look good.

And she can. Everywhere we go, people stop her and ask about her outfits. If I had a 50% off sale every time someone asked her to be their personal shopper or her opinion on shoes, purses, or jewelry, I would have even more clothing from “I’VE HAD THIS.”

Our leadership lesson today is that how we show up matters more than what we wear. CeCe shows up confident whether it’s casual or her Sunday best. Now I’m not advocating for the little white lies like, “Oh, I’ve had this.” I am advocating that we show up confident, believe in ourselves, and be open to learning.

John Maxwell says the single biggest obstacle we face is not believing in ourselves and the second is not holding ourselves accountable. Let’s walk out of the closet today and use a positive attitude and confidence to help us reach our full potential.

CeCe is that a new purse?

I’ve had this!

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