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Learn Fast Learn Forward Learn Together

By Joey Havens

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What do we mean by these four words and why do we repeat one of them three times? Learn Fast Learn Forward Learn Together has become HORNE’s motto for adjusting to the transformation that is occurring in our profession and in business overall. We are dealing with and facing fast-moving disruption not creeping change.

One purpose of this motto is that it helps us shake the legacy thinking that a slow methodical mistake-free response will work as it has for the last 54 years of our firm’s existence. This is not like new regulations with a comment period and 12 months to implement.

Another purpose is to repeat over and over that learning is now a daily task that must be prioritized. Our present skills are not adequate to meet the challenges and our concentration on technical expertise limits our ability to capture an abundance (I love that word) of new opportunities and growth. The disruption in front of us will automate many aspects of our technical competency, our past badge of access to the party. Today’s big parties require new anticipatory collaborative skills matched with our experience and wisdom.

Additionally, this motto stresses learning together, where everyone’s ideas, creativity, wisdom and experience provide a better and quicker grasp of new success skills, insights and path to relevancy.

Finally, it recognizes that real learning requires taking risks, making mistakes and applying our learnings from these to our skills. It has to be okay to get it 80% right so we can learn at a faster rate. Modify as we go forward. And you have to admit, it sounds so much better than fail fast, fail forward. It’s all about learning at the fastest rate possible with a team that collaborates along the way. Learn Fast Learn Forward Learn Together.