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Naked NO’s Kill Innovation

By Joey Havens

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I despise a naked NO!  I love to hear no when it is accompanied with WHY or another possible path or strategy.

But it’s really disrespectful to just say NO impulsively!  Can you remember how you felt the last time someone just said NO to you?  No explanation or alternatives.  Are we in the habit of just being too busy to care or not confident that our no is the right answer? 

Naked NO’s kill innovation, candor, collaboration and most of all learning.  And for us to not share the WHY behind our NO is very selfish. 

Let’s have the courage to say no to the things that keep us from reaching our full potential. But let’s also be sure to follow our NO’s with WHY and OPTIONS.  Take this leadership advice, Never show up with your team displaying a naked no! It’s just not attractive. #beEvenBetter

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