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Our Best Is Yet To Come

By Joey Havens

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CeCe is passionate about several variations of barre and loves her daily workouts. Frequently, I get a riveting (hehe) recap of these workouts for the day as we visit before dinner. Tonight, she is expressing her frustration with her ability to bend her left knee sufficiently to hold a certain position properly. She had a total knee replacement several years ago and has worked really hard to restore her full flexibility.  

“I could not get the bend I needed to finish and hold the position today. You know how much that frustrates me.”  

“I know you did your best. You work really hard. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”  

“Yes, I did do my best, but I’m going to repeat this class tomorrow and push even harder. I am not going to accept halfway doing this.”  

CeCe is demonstrating the power of a growth mindset

She will not be a victim of her circumstances or settle for mediocrity. Her best today does not have to be her best tomorrow.  

This is so powerful for each of us. When our best fails, comes in second or we miss our opportunity — what is our mindset? It’s ok because I did my best?! Or do we take CeCe’s approach that our best today does not have to be our best tomorrow? 

Second place today does not mean we have to come in second place tomorrow. A failure in client service or a relationship does not have to be a failed one tomorrow.  

We might need to seek more insights, encouragement and feedback from our truth-tellers and supporters. But, the key is for us not to give up or give in. By the way, CeCe can hold that position today (even if I can’t remember the name of it). What’s our next victory? Let’s stay focused on that future win.