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Overcoming the Blah

By Joey Havens

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Do you ever have one of those blah days? The energy level is simply low. Nothing special that you can put your finger on but just blah.  Having a hard time focusing. Creative juices are simply dried up. 

Well, that’s me today. I am in a blah mood and I don’t know why. I called Mom and Pop Joe, and five minutes into the conversation, Mom said, “You sound tired.” I never could fool Mom!  

As you know, I love to share personal stories — especially when they are funny. Well today, I don’t see or feel the humor. Yet, I feel compelled to write about this blah day. Why?  Because blah days are part of life. Everyone has days where we are not at our best. We have days where we do not want to focus on anything and our energy level is low. So here’s my self-talk:

Okay, Joey, you are not at your best today, and that’s part of life. Stop beating yourself up about it.  What are you grateful for?  Being grateful always raises our energy level.  What smaller tasks can you do to build some momentum and not waste precious time?    

What are the fun things that help restore your energy? 

You can… call someone you love. Write a thank you note. Write a blog about being blah……Read a book. Find a movie to binge on.  I am already feeling more energized, and I’m certainly more productive.  

What is your self-talk to push through the fog of blah? 

It’s going to happen, and to reach our full potential, we need to prepare ourselves with positive self-talk and initiate a plan that builds momentum. It’s part of having grit, and grit makes us great team members and leaders.  

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