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Silos Leave Potential on the Sidelines

By Joey Havens

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We are still in Alaska enjoying our bucket list trip, and today we have chosen to do some short hikes and sightseeing. We have just taken the tram up the side of the mountain so we can explore the peak. We notice some people who are wearing safety harnesses as we are standing in line to board the tram for the return trip down the mountain. We ask the friendly young man who is running the tram what the safety harnesses are about.  

Oh, that’s for the suspension bridge, it’s a short walk from here. 

Should we take time to go over and see it?  

I wouldn’t, they charge $150 just to walk across it. 

Wow! $150? 

Yep, hard to see how that’s worth it but I don’t really know because they have never offered to let us try it out.  

Really? Why wouldn’t they want you to experience it?

I have no idea, we even asked. Do you realize how many people ask me about that suspension bridge? I mean I see everyone that comes up or goes down the mountain during my shift and it’s literally a question from every group. Crazy if you ask me.

The young man is so right, it is crazy and obvious. 

Unfortunately, what we just experienced, happens in our organizations daily. People hoard information, control and enforce boundaries that influence people not to seek information or help outside of their narrow team. Can you imagine the additional sales they would get on the suspension bridge if these tram attendants could speak to the experience? What if they had a $10 coupon to give out and encourage people to try out the bridge and/or received a small incentive to promote it to visitors?

Our leadership lesson is to be on the lookout for silos and bottlenecks in our teams and organizations.  Let’s be the connector, the encourager, the team member who helps loop everyone in. When we promote growth and success for all of our team members, the performance of our team rises.  

CeCe, do you want to do the suspension bridge?

Are you crazy?! Heck No! 

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