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Some Things Are Concrete

By Joey Havens

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Our front curb is a mess as I begin to pick up large pieces of concrete. We had a company cut two 36 inch slabs out so we can have some additional drainage added to handle excess water in our yard. I’m trying to salvage some of the sod so I can patch a spot in the backyard that I destroyed a few weeks ago which CeCe has not forgotten about. She is fond of a beautiful yard and I have been in the doghouse over this dead grass. 

I hear the garbage truck rumbling up and I notice it’s my buddy who helped me when I was chasing them down a few months ago. We have three full cans today and he has them dumped in the back of the garbage truck in no time. This guy would embarrass the energy bunny. I’m still stacking concrete pieces up as he asks if I want him to load the concrete. Now I had already wondered if I stack these concrete pieces out front on the curb, would it be even remotely possible that they would pick them up? So it’s a quick “Yes, please!” 

As he is grabbing the first chunk, I quickly join in and we load several pieces from the first cut out. He waves for the truck to back up to the second cut as I walk back to it thinking this is awesome. I grab a big chunk as he grabs several pieces and in two minutes, we have my complete mess loaded and he is jumping back on for the next stop, smiling as I profusely thank him. 

As I watch them work their way on around the neighborhood, I am standing here savoring a client experience that simply feels WOW. He anticipated my needs and responded with an urgency and generous mindset that has me in awe. Did I mention it was 90 degrees and a humid Mississippi day? 

What if we worked with the same urgency as my buddy in anticipating our client’s needs and challenges? What if we showed up with the same smiling face and generous mindset? WOW client experiences are concrete in growing our businesses. An exceptional client experience always leads to added value and unexpected benefits. 

As the garbage truck is pulling up to the last house in our neighborhood, I am standing here with two ice-cold Gatorades and a tip. My buddy is really smiling now. Client experience is concrete you can build on.