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Collaboration Leads To Growth

Collaboration Leads To Growth

 Do you think a point of view is important? Clients are looking for advisors with a point of view, and we will need to challenge theirs when they are not being realistic about the challenges they are facing or the opportunities they are missing.  This blog is the fifth part of a series meant to ... Read more

Being Anticipatory is Distinctive

Being Anticipatory is Distinctive

This blog is the fourth part of a series that outlines the Four Building Blocks to Move to Advisory Services. We’ve already discussed the first two blocks: MINDSET SHIFT and CONFIDENCE. ANTICIPATORY SKILLS is the third building block to move our organizations towards advisory services and seize our future by being relevant — starting now. I believe this is ... Read more

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Confidence Leads to Progress

Building Block Two in this series [meant to outline the Four Building Blocks to Move to Advisory Services] is Confidence.  How do we move our organizations towards advisory services? How do we seize our future by being relevant starting now? I think there are four foundational building blocks. Last week, we discussed the first block: MINDSET SHIFT. I say this to combat ... Read more

What Kind of Guardian Are You?

I’ve just finished lunch with my partner and good friend before he leaves for a week-long Disney trip with his family. He shared some of the activities they had planned and how some things had changed due to COVID. It sounded exciting for someone who loves Disney. (Not me, but my grandkids are anxiously waiting). ... Read more