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What Kind of Guardian Are You?

By Joey Havens

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I’ve just finished lunch with my partner and good friend before he leaves for a week-long Disney trip with his family. He shared some of the activities they had planned and how some things had changed due to COVID. It sounded exciting for someone who loves Disney. (Not me, but my grandkids are anxiously waiting). I know I’m going again, but I’m holding out for fewer restrictions and for the younger ones to get a little taller. Hey, if you have to go, go when you can knock it all out — rides and kids!

As I reflect on our conversation, I recall how intensely we watch our kids when we go to a public event or place like Disney. I know I go on super alert mode and CeCe is like a personal drone with lots of warning notifications. But, her alertness gives me a big peace of mind.

With all of the disruption our clients have today, this is our big opportunity. We can be watching, interacting and anticipating more on their journey through changing technology, changing business models, supply chain issues, cybersecurity issues, cash flow planning, exit planning, succession, staffing needs, and the opportunities go on and on.

The question for us is, do we have our antennas up and alert at the level we would for our kids in a new place or activity? It’s really the same mindset when you reflect on it. How are we guarding and guiding our clients in this disruption? Hopefully not like the father is in this comic. #beBetter