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Collaboration Leads To Growth

Collaboration Leads To Growth

 Do you think a point of view is important? Clients are looking for advisors with a point of view, and we will need to challenge theirs when they are not being realistic about the challenges they are facing or the opportunities they are missing.  This blog is the fifth part of a series meant to ... Read more

Right Problem; Wrong Solution

When the weather starts to get cold, heaters crank up and I spend time at deer camp where the water is hard and my skin begins to get dry. After five days at camp over Thanksgiving, I’m worn out and headed to bed early. Last thing I do is put some lotion on to help ... Read more

Collaboration Is Critical to Success

“Will you hang these curtains back up? I have the hooks already in them.” I gaze over at the pile of curtains sitting on our den couch and then up to the tall windows. I’m thinking this will require the ladder for sure. “Sure, CeCe, that’s the very next thing I will do. Just let ... Read more

Could We Use a Freeze?

Here comes my fifth Zoom call of the day and the fatigue is real, but I’m also glad I “get to” have a busy schedule with impactful meetings. As I get ready for my next call, I recognize the fatigue and make a mad dash to the breakroom for coffee. Throwing back the caffeine as ... Read more