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Everyone Wants an Easy Button

About three years ago, we switched to a local pharmacy that is literally one mile from our house. CeCe frequently rides the golf cart over to pick up our prescriptions. Regretfully, they know both of us on sight. I’m on several medications for asthma and chronic bronchitis, and these meds are on long-term prescriptions. So, ... Read more

Inward vs Outward Mindset for Customer Service

I hope you caught my two previous blogs on disruption and unseen pain. On this day of very preventable disruption & self-inflicted pain, I also got to experience a third great life lesson in customer service mindset and experience. You may recall my boat trailer tire blowout and subsequent eye injury happened late on a Friday afternoon. That ... Read more

Have You Wowed Someone Today?

A few weeks ago, I received a special invitation to spend some quality time at Sage Valley with a group of CPA executives who I respect very much. Initially, I declined the invitation because this connection event was scheduled around 2.5 days of golf, which is a sport I gave up several years ago.  As a ... Read more