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Everyone Wants an Easy Button

By Joey Havens

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About three years ago, we switched to a local pharmacy that is literally one mile from our house. CeCe frequently rides the golf cart over to pick up our prescriptions.

Regretfully, they know both of us on sight. I’m on several medications for asthma and chronic bronchitis, and these meds are on long-term prescriptions. So, I know every month I will have two or three prescriptions to pick up.

Today, I’m frustrated as my inhaler is reading zero puffs left. I quickly look into my cabinet for my new inhaler and I see an empty shelf. On a morning where I have too many things to get done (sound familiar?), I’m googling the pharmacy phone number to check on why my monthly inhaler is not already filled and ready.

They have a system to text you if you want the prescription filled and then text again when it’s ready. I love the idea of this system, except there are too many instances when I do not get the fill request texted to me. This results in me running out of my meds, getting frustrated like I am today and having to call and ask why we are not refilling it. CeCe and I have had more than one discussion about moving our business for a better experience.

Knowing the status of our prescriptions and having the easy button to get them filled is critical to a good customer experience.

As we work on the client experience in our own firm, we know having the capability for a client to easily check on the status of their work is critical. Clients want to know where things stand. How can we also elevate these touchpoints by pushing critical updates to them so it is really an easy button to know where we are on their project? Just like Disney’s discipline to have trash bins so many feet apart, which enhances a guest’s experience and reduces future problems with trash on the grounds, we have opportunities to elevate client experience with better communications on the status of work. Why do we so quickly overlook how important this is to a client?

Providing an easy button for our clients increases the value of what we do. What are we doing to elevate our client experience? Are we investing in technology and processes that help us #beEvenBetter? Maybe the first place to start is as simple as transparency around the status of their work, information and project