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Building Experiences for Forever Clients

By Joey Havens

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This is a hilarious short video of Sully’s meltdown while expressing his deep desire to be with Pops (that’s me!). I obviously love it. And this mindset can be inspirational if we consider relating it to our client experiences. Are we focused on them enough?

We want our clients to be raving advocates for us. But do we have WOW client experiences that cause clients to fight like Sully to live that experience again? Do they shout for us when they have a challenge or opportunity? Are we in the room with them before decisions are made?

What if our vision for our client experience was elevated? Let’s set an inspirational vision for our client relationships to be in the words of Sully, “Forever!” Why would we settle for less?

In a final note to parents, make sure your child enjoys those special grandparent moments. They are memories that make this world a better place.

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