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Stand Behind Your Lifetime Warranty

CeCe and I are headed up to Oxford, MS, for a weekend of visiting family and watching the Ole Miss Rebels play football. CeCe is on the phone with Delta Faucets trying to replace four defective faucets we have in our house. The first one resulted in over $2,000 in repairs from the leak. The ... Read more

Everyone Wants an Easy Button

About three years ago, we switched to a local pharmacy that is literally one mile from our house. CeCe frequently rides the golf cart over to pick up our prescriptions. Regretfully, they know both of us on sight. I’m on several medications for asthma and chronic bronchitis, and these meds are on long-term prescriptions. So, ... Read more

Building Experiences for Forever Clients

This is a hilarious short video of Sully’s meltdown while expressing his deep desire to be with Pops (that’s me!). I obviously love it. And this mindset can be inspirational if we consider relating it to our client experiences. Are we focused on them enough? We want our clients to be raving advocates for us. ... Read more