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Customer Service Creates Distinction

By Joey Havens

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We just checked into the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, NC, and the rain is pouring down. In fact, it has poured for the last three hours since we landed in Charlotte and started our drive over.

“We will send a bellman over to assist you in unloading, Mr. Havens.”

“Thanks, I know where to park and I will meet them in that back parking lot.”

Turning to go back outside, I bump into the bellman and immediately recognize him from our last visit.

“Ignatova! How are you doing?”

“Great, Mr. Havens, it’s so good to have you back.”

As we exit together, I invite Ignatova to ride down with us, no sense in getting out in this downpour.

“CeCe, do you remember Ignatova from our July visit?”

“Yes, hello! I believe you had recently started working here when we were unloading last time. You did such a great job in helping us get set up.”

“I also remember when we loaded everything into the elevator, your name tag fell off and fell right into the small crack between the elevator and wall and we all started laughing. How could it land so perfectly to go through the crack and out of sight?!”

“I know, that was so crazy, and it cost me $5.”


“Yes, they charged me $5 to replace my name tag.”

CeCe, as usual, did not hold her opinion to herself.

“Well, that’s crappy! It’s not like you did it on purpose and those magnet name tags are very good for what you do.”

Ignatova finishes unloading our suitcases. We were so impressed the first time and he was just as impressive today. So, reaching in my pocket, I grab a $5 bill to tip him and a second $5.

“Ignatova, you do an amazing job, here’s a tip and the $5 we cost you on our other trip.”

“No sir, it’s fine, I’m responsible for the name tag and I haven’t let this one get out of my sight.”

“I know, but we want to do this. Your customer service and attitude are excellent and we appreciate the hospitality.”

“Thank you!”

As the door closes behind him, CeCe and I share again how impressive he is. Customer service, the small things, our attitude, they all add up and create worth.

Excellent customer service is not only the right thing to strive for, it makes us distinctive. Every touch matters. Every phone call, email, text, letters, zoom, face-to-face, deliverables, our energy, etc.

We should seek to exceed expectations, be good stewards and treasure each moment we have to be “On Stage.” A Disney term and they certainly know something about customer experience. Each touch is a window of opportunity to demonstrate we care. Ignatova stars on that stage.

How are we doing?

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