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The Art of the Humble Thank You

By Joey Havens

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Buckle up and let me take you on a wild ride through the concrete jungle we call highways. Stuck in a mile-long jam on a four-lane highway, I have a poor guy in the parking lot on my right side trying to make a left turn across our two lanes of traffic and into the opposite flow so I made some room for him. Did I get a grateful nod or even a humble wave? Nope. But hey, I got a horn blast from the hotshot behind me  maybe he was saying thanks on behalf of the entire highway. Remember the benefit of good intentions! I can’t say that I did at the moment.

Next stop, the grocery store. Arriving to see a mass of cars, it’s my lucky day as I see a parking spot close to the store up for grabs. As I rounded the corner, another driver and I locked eyes, both of us eyeing that coveted spot. I did the unthinkable – I surrendered the spot. Did I receive a wave, a smile, a friendly honk? Not even a whisper. Well, they might have felt they got there first, but a tip of the hat for good measure wouldn’t hurt, right?

Now, before you start thinking I’m campaigning for the “Most Courteous Driver of 2023,” let’s set the record straight. CeCe, my better half, will be the first to tell you I’m not exactly a saint behind the wheel. But here’s the thing – this little rant isn’t about showcasing my driving etiquette. It’s more about highlighting the magic of small acts of kindness, like a smile, a wave, or a ‘thank you,’ and acknowledging them when we’re on the receiving end. These little gestures of recognition not only connect us but also encourage repeat acts of kindness. Let’s make it a point to notice and appreciate these everyday niceties. It will make our communities kinder, our teams stronger, and our families happier.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to educate this car in the left lane about the sacred rules of road etiquette. Where did you get your driver’s license? The left lane is for passing!

“Calm down, Joey, you get so worked up,” CeCe says.

Ah, the never-ending dance of life on the road…

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