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Time for a Good Scrub?

By Joey Havens

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My workout is done and it’s time to jump in the shower, refresh and head into the office. I’m really excited this morning as things are trending to more and more in-person meetings and opportunities. Even introverts like me need connections and when we interact, it helps us grow faster towards our full potential. But first, back to the shower.

CeCe has hung this new glove-like mitt in the shower. CeCe frequently shares her wisdom on skincare and how important this process is to keep our skin healthy and vibrant. I decided to give this a whirl, and whoa, this new mitt certainly scrubs you clean.

As I step out and begin to dry off, I can tell an immediate difference and even a tender spot or two from this aggressive scrub mitt. My skin has been rejuvenated. Thanks, CeCe!

Back to my earlier thoughts on getting back into the office more, what better time for each of us to scrub our routines and even more importantly, our strategies. We know we have legacy things in how we work that have permanently changed due to the pandemic, we have things that we haven’t scrubbed in a long time and new things that need their first scrub to see what we should keep, modify or get rid of.

I wonder what vibrant, glowing new skin we might reveal in our firms and careers if we really scrubbed hard. What needs a good scrub in our calendars? Our daily routines? Our business strategies? Our relationships or partnerships? A few moments in the shower thinking about staying healthy and vibrant might be time (and skin) well spent. Happy scrubbing!