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Urgent Weeds Out Important

CeCe has an upcoming medical procedure that many of us over the age of 50 endure every five years or so. And I just received notice that I have a very important meeting which will take me out of the state for three days which, as you might guess, hits right on the date of ... Read more

Time for a Good Scrub?

My workout is done and it’s time to jump in the shower, refresh and head into the office. I’m really excited this morning as things are trending to more and more in-person meetings and opportunities. Even introverts like me need connections and when we interact, it helps us grow faster towards our full potential. But ... Read more

Lessons Learned at the College World Series

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to the College World Series. As I reflect on my trip to Omaha, NE, I am grateful I was able to experience this phenomenal sporting event and be part of a firm that embraces fearless unrivaled flexibility, which allowed me to make the trip.  The CWS ... Read more