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Utilizing a Youthful Attitude to Reach Our Full Potential

By Joey Havens

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It’s easy to see the sheer joy on my granddaughter, Dabs’, face as she enjoys her first experience snow sledding. She loves for Pops (that’s me!) to come see her and I wish I could have been there when she ventured out last week to go sledding. However, I realize she would have had me on that sled too. Although it was bitter cold with high winds, she had her mom and dad out early to meet friends and play in the snow. When you see all of the pictures, the story of emotions is so evident. You can see the enthusiasm as she anticipates that first ride, and then fear as they start downhill on the sled. But, that fear turns to confidence and joy as she gets comfortable with the excitement of the ride. 

With her cheeks turning redder and redder and her wet gloves freezing her little fingers, she is determined to make one more run.  After a nap and warming up at home, it’s back to the slopes, Dad! That youthful attitude is one of my favorite things about kids. They openly show their excitement and push through their comfort zone and fears to learn and experience new things. Even when faced with hardships or difficulties (like freezing little fingers), they ignore or overcome the pain to stay the course.

We have all been that child. We have had that youthful attitude like Dabs. Today, as we experience a rate of change that is literally transforming how we work and live, what would a youthful attitude do for us?  Would we be better if we shared our enthusiasm more?  What would an unquenchable enthusiasm to experience and learn new things do for our personal growth?  How about a commitment to push through our comfort zone and the pain of changing?  I know the journey to my full potential would be easier and faster if I brought Dabs’ attitude with me every day.  How about you?

Let’s be intentional about pushing out of our comfort zone to experience new things, and sharing the joy and enthusiasm it brings with our team.