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What Do We Control?

By Joey Havens

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“Pops you are overreacting,” says Davis my 17-year-old grandson. 

He helps me manage my fantasy football team and it’s Tuesday morning after week one.  We lost all three games we played in.  We are 0-3 to start the season and I’m pretty sure we have the lowest score of all the teams.

Davis, we need to hit the waiver wire hard and get rid of some of these players. 

Pops, we had three fantasy headliners out hurt for week one.   We can’t control that.  We have to keep our cool and look for maybe one key waiver wire pick up.  We are not ditching our team just because we had some bad luck. 

You’re right, I will look for a running back and if we don’t find one, we will wait until next week.  I am overreacting. 

Now this is fantasy football, yet how often in real life do we do exactly what I just did with Davis?  We overreact or worry about things that we do not control.  Let’s practice taking that moment to reflect on the situation and turn our focus on what we do control.  Thanks, Davis!

CeCe, what are you laughing about?

You just fell asleep while you are writing that blog. 

Yes, I did, LOL.  Is that out of my control?  Maybe, I’ll only worry about it if puts everyone else to sleep.

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