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What Matters Most Right Now?

By Joey Havens

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I’m amazed by how easily I can become consumed with things that aren’t the main focus. I might have a presentation to prepare for, yet I will check Twitter or LinkedIn instead. What matters most — connecting on social media or focusing on giving my best in the presentation? Another example is when my grandchild wants to play at the playground 30 minutes longer than I had planned. What really matters most — my plan or extra time with this precious child?

I’m headed out to run an errand over lunch when a team member stops me in the hallway. It’s obvious they want a few minutes of face-to-face time while I am thinking about having time to get that errand done. What really matters most — my errand or encouraging and supporting a team member?

I procrastinate on a memo, video or phone call wanting to take more time to make it “perfect.” What matters most — perfection or being timely with clarity and direction?

You get the idea, we all fall into this trap of being consumed by things that are not the main focus. Being busy is too often our mantra. Can you think of the last thing that kept you from being focused on what really matters most? Maybe this question could help us #beEvenBetter — what matters most right now?

Here are two tips:

  • Check your calendar for the coming week
  • Write down everything you spent time on yesterday

Both will provide us insight on what we are choosing to be consumed by.