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What’s Driving Your Decisions?

By Joey Havens

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One of the MANY things I admire about CeCe is she never suffers from or allows her decisions to be influenced by FOMO. We recently had friends invite us on a trip, and I immediately started advocating for us to join in the fun. CeCe paused a moment and asked, “Do you think we will enjoy that trip? Lots of schedules. And it doesn’t sound like a lot of the activities that you and I really love. I don’t think we should go.” I knew immediately that she was right. I was letting FOMO get in my head. What is FOMO? Fear of Missing Out — a term I actually learned from Seth Godin’s blog.

FOMO is a common mind game that can limit our ability to honor our values, embrace times of renewal, and it stifles our discipline to take a long-term view. I certainly have experienced the hazards and sheer anxiety/stress that comes from this fear.

When I reflect on it, I realize how often I have made decisions or commitments driven by FOMO. When I chase these activities, I never seem to have a great time, nor do I find I’m making an impact. This realization has actually helped me develop a mindset of asking myself — what is driving my desire to commit to this? Having CeCe weigh-in has made me better at managing my FOMO because I do hate to miss out! How about you? What’s driving your decisions?

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