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Your Attitude Determines Your Success

It’s Tuesday morning and I have just completed a blazing 3.5-mile jog. (I have to tell myself these exaggerations so I will go again.) Completing my stretching on our carport, I open our patio door and step inside. Before I can close the door, CeCe greets me with some bad news. “I have blown my knee ... Read more

Avoidance Thwarts Full Potential

CeCe is feverishly telling some of our best friends about TJ, our neighbor’s long-haired Persian cat, who likes to roam our neighborhood. TJ is a big, beautiful cat. As I’m listening to the story, she shares that TJ has been missing for three days and this is very unusual. Our neighbors are naturally upset and ... Read more

Truth-Tellers Are a Gift

Today, February 3, CeCe and I celebrate our 20th anniversary. Hopefully, and Lord willing, as you read this, we are on the beach checking off one of our “bucket list” destinations in St. Lucia. I’ve just finished writing CeCe’s anniversary card. Now I could share the card’s contents with you, but that would be the ... Read more

How Often Do We Miss the Joy?

CeCe has asked me to run a quick errand for our Aunt Kate, who lives in an independent living facility close to our home. Aunt Kate is in her early 80s and CeCe is her primary caregiver. Today, I’m on the way to pick up a contact to replace the one that she lost.   I ... Read more

Who Are We?

CeCe is standing in my home office and I’m staring down at her shoes as she asks, “Do you notice anything about my shoes today?” Thank goodness, I finally realize they are not the same shoe! Wow, they are almost the exact same color, appear to be the same style and very similar sole. The ... Read more

What’s Driving Your Decisions?

One of the MANY things I admire about CeCe is she never suffers from or allows her decisions to be influenced by FOMO. We recently had friends invite us on a trip, and I immediately started advocating for us to join in the fun. CeCe paused a moment and asked, “Do you think we will enjoy ... Read more

What Has Changed for You?

CeCe and I have spent a lot of time at home together with the COVID-19 shelter in place orders, as I am sure you have with your family. So when the Governor opened up the restaurants for 50% dining capacity, we were the first in line at our favorite spot. It was delightful, and we ... Read more

What Needs Cleaning?

I’m reaching for my gumbo pot to pour in my sautéed vegetables for my favorite duck gumbo recipe and it’s GONE! I know I just put it on the counter after boiling the duck breasts. Have I gone completely crazy? It takes a couple of days of doing various tasks to make gumbo and today, ... Read more