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Core Values

Fishbowl with goldfish

Fishbowl for Leaders

Leadership can feel like being in a fishbowl. Your actions are on display for the whole world to view. Do our actions reflect our core values? It’s simple, yet complicated. People believe what they see, not what we say.

Boat floating away

The Water Is Cold Away From Our Core Values

We each have our boat built with our core values to help us navigate the storms of life, the temptations, the bad habits and to secure the opportunities to live a life of significance — a life where we make a difference for others. Our choices can keep us safe, secure and enjoying our life journey, or they can keep us in the cold water.

What Are We Strapped To?

It’s my first trip back into our cabin after seven months of flooding. I have no idea what I’m going to find besides lots of Mississippi river mud. As I drive up, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that everything appears to be in great shape other than the heavy mud on everything.  But before I ... Read more

Founders and Values

Fifty-one years ago this month, Roy Ward, a young and inexperienced yet entrepreneurial-driven accountant, joined the solo practice of William F. Horne in Laurel, MS. Mr. Horne’s practice was just slightly more than three years old at the time (founded in 1962) and his office was located in a converted house at Jefferson Street. This ... Read more