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Discovering Our True Purpose

By Joey Havens

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Can you imagine working in an organization where each team member is passionate about their ability to serve a higher purpose? Passionate about the opportunity to grow their skills and develop as leaders? Diligently pursuing their full potential?

The first step on the journey to becoming a leader is to recognize our purpose as individual team members. I challenge you to prioritize your time to begin to discover your life’s purpose. Reading The Seed by Jon Gordon is a great place to start. This book helped me connect the dots around purpose as powerfully as any I have read.

The Seed is a story about Josh, who has become complacent and somewhat disenchanted with his work. It’s a story that teaches us to search for our higher calling, our true purpose. Energy and passion come from being connected to a mighty purpose and to serving others.

I think the story will make a lasting impression on you, and hopefully, it will help you connect, pursue or better understand your purpose. The better we understand our purpose and the more we pursue it, the more engaged our team will be.

In my personal journey, I have discovered that my purpose is to help others reach their full potential. I have the most energy and passion when I can see how I’m helping someone achieve things they never thought possible.

As my 2024 update to the original blog, I am more passionate than ever to help others see and realize their full potential.

This has become more clearly defined in my “fourth quarter” as I am passionately working on helping leaders see the power of trusting first and being intentional to connect and demonstrate caring in the workplace. My book Leading with Significance continues to do well and serves as a platform for me to help organizations and individuals make a difference in their workplace culture. Every voice counts! Please make sure to use yours to help your team #beBetter.

Yes, CeCe, I took out the garbage and fixed the water fountain. I have lots of new purposes…

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