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Compliments Never Grow Old

By Joey Havens

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Having received an unexpected compliment from a former team member recently, I was struck by how rich that moment and experience was. It feels so good when we feel appreciated and recognized. Take a moment and reflect on the last compliment you received. How did it make you feel? Did it motivate you like it did me?

It helped fuel my commitment to pursue excellence and my purpose of helping others see and realize their full potential.

And it reminded me of my blog in 2014, where we pointed out that a compliment never grows old. It just keeps on giving. How often do we miss the opportunity to release this motivation on our teams, our organizations, our families, and even our friends?

This helped me realize (again) that I miss too many opportunities to compliment people as much as I should. I am not talking about angel halo stuff, but real compliments based on actual impact and, specifically, the behavior that made a difference.
These opportunities are right in front of us daily.

Let’s release the motivating power of encouragement, recognition, and appreciation to the people who are making a difference in our lives.

CeCe, I love the way you make our home so decorative for each special occasion and it brings a special joy and energy to our home.

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