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Your Boat Is Not for Everyone

It is so important to protect what we have. Just like I wouldn't let a stranger take my boat out for a spin without knowing their experience and intentions, we shouldn't rush into hiring someone just because they say they want to be a part of our organization.

Being a Generous Leader

Last Friday, I joined Jennifer Wilson and Amy Vetter on their weekly Leadership Lunch Chat LIVE to explore generous leadership and the element of gratitude. What I didn’t expect was to leave our discussion both humbled by their generous feedback and also convicted to be more intentional with my generosity.  As I shared with Jen and Amy, for us to be generous, ... Read more

Leadership Starts From Within

First and foremost, we must learn to lead ourselves. It starts with understanding who we are. Do we know ourselves very well? Seems like a crazy question, but it is the starting point for leadership, fulfillment and success. What are our values? What decisions did we make that brought us to this point? The process ... Read more