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Our Attention Impacts Our Full Potential

By Joey Havens

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I’m so excited as I pull up to the boat ramp at Eagle Lake, one of my favorite crappie fishing lakes. As I stepped out of the truck to get the boat ready to launch, I opened my door, and just as my left foot touched the payment, all of my momentum going out of the truck, I felt the truck moving forward. As panic races through my brain, luckily, I can jump back in and put the truck in Park! Thank goodness, the door did not close as I was stepping out. This might remind us to be quick but don’t hurry because I was obviously distracted. Yes, I looked around to see if anyone saw my ego drowning lapse. 

The big learning lesson here is more than how being in a hurry can get us in a bind. Fortunately, I was being pretty deliberate as I was exiting my truck. However, my mind and attention were on my list of what I needed in the boat and what I needed to do to get the boat ready to launch. For example, the plug is the little gremlin of the boating world, whispering, “Will you remember me this time?”

When something grabs our attention, it can derail us from our priorities. Have you ever noticed how many more red cars seem to jump on the highway once you notice one? You begin to think there are more red cars than others. It’s all due to where our attention is. What has our attention this week that is taking us away from our priorities?

It’s so easy to let our attention move from the important to something “urgent” that might not be as important. When we keep our attention on our most important priorities, we will see more opportunities to reach our goals. If we are having trouble staying focused on our priorities, remember why and the benefits of these priorities. This is where we have the opportunity to grow toward our full potential. Our full potential always requires that we control our attention.

Did I remember to put the plug in the boat?

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