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Slow Down To Go Faster

By Joey Havens

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“Have you ever considered that taking a moment to breathe might be the key to unlocking your or your team’s full potential?”

I am having an out-of-body experience today as I watch an authentic leader, a CEO, who is transparently sharing with his executive leadership team that he is committed to slowing down, not chasing the urgent, so they can focus more on essential things that will provide an abundant future.

I truly wish more people could experience and see how motivating and influential it is when someone leads with transparency, vulnerability, and trust while opening the door for a fresh direction.

This is hard for us in our organizations and as individuals today. We live in an exponential world. We must learn forward (mistakes will happen), learn fast, and learn together. I push organizations and leaders to make faster decisions as they anticipate what is coming next rather than react. Be flexible as you make decisions so you can quickly change directions. In other words, experiment more.

Believe it or not, most leadership teams also need to slow down to have sustained speed in the long run. You can do both, and we should, but it’s painful. The slowdown is about learning and especially learning together. The slowdown is about connecting, knowing each other, and building trust. The deceleration is about clarity on priorities and communications so we can learn forward, learn fast, and learn together. The slowdown is about learning to be better leaders and enhancing our leadership skills.

I thanked this CEO for being inspirational, having uncommon discipline, and choosing a journey that many organizations avoid.

The journey for excellence is not crowded at all. As we explore these practices, it becomes apparent that in a world addicted to speed, those willing to embrace the paradoxical power of slowing down to go faster may win the actual race.

Take the first step towards significance and sustainable success  — dare to decelerate. Evaluate your priorities, schedule regular reflection, and invest in the collective growth of you and your team.

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