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Why Leading with Significance?

By Joey Havens

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Man writing in a notebook.

Joey, why did you write this book?

I have heard this question repeatedly as we prepare for the book pre-order on Amazon for May 4th and the actual retail rollout on June 6th.

It’s really an easy answer. My purpose is to inspire leaders and team members to trust in the good in people as we are intentional to serve and care for each other in ways that lead to high performance. I have always felt my calling was to help others see and realize their full potential and hopefully this book will provide the same purpose for every type of organization. I also believe that God calls us to His purpose and honestly, I could not get any peace with my relationship with Him until I started to write the book. I used every excuse in the world and by coincidence (this happens a lot to me), God put another flashing light right in my face.

A dear friend, without any knowledge of my personal conflict about starting the book, sent me a collector pen with a note that he simply felt led to send this to me without really knowing why.
I knew why!

I hope you will take the opportunity to review this work and see if there are any magnetic insights that would help you or your company on the journey of building a magnetic people-first culture. I do hope that you will be inspired to be vulnerable enough to lean into trusting more. Be intentional by demonstrating care for every other team member. Seeking to understand each other, seeking ways to connect and working together for a positive impact in the lives of our team members, families and clients/customers.

Be intentional! Be bold!

These initial steps create trust and start a sense of belonging that grows stronger and begins to affect everyone. It’s only when we have a strong sense of belonging for every team member that we can have the magnetic energy that leads to high performance.

Pre-order your copy on Amazon on May 4th to join our team in working to achieve best-seller status for business culture books. Retail bookstores and retail shipments start June 6th!

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CeCe, have you finished my book yet?