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Luggage scale airport terminal

What’s Weighing You Down?

It amazes me that when I focus on how grateful I am for big things in my life or even a little thing like a suitcase making the weight limit, I have more energy, confidence and ability to navigate life’s many ups and downs.

"Habits" wrecking ball hitting the word "Life"

Little Leaf Big Barrier

So I’m running late to make it to the office for a cherished face-to-face meeting (I’m a little zoomed out, how about you?). Entering the garage, our third garage door is open. Hmmm, I know I came out last night and hit the buttons to put all three doors down. Yet, there it is, wide ... Read more

Out of Gas

Sheer panic has set in as I’m looking at my dashboard and see the yellow light blinking Low Fuel. I’m really, really past low so I check my phone for the nearest gas station — 11.5 miles! I’m pulling my boat so I’m burning a lot of fuel per mile. My heart is racing as I ... Read more