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Hard to Believe – Davis is College Bound

By Joey Havens

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CeCe and I had the wonderful pleasure of celebrating the high school graduation of our oldest grandchild, Davis. It’s a love/hate feeling as you do not want to believe you are old enough to have a grandchild headed to college. 

At the graduation ceremony, they announced his class had received over fourteen million dollars in scholarships, awards and grants. When we got back to our house to have a celebratory lunch with Davis and his parents, I had to ask — Davis, of that fourteen million dollars, how much did we get? 

With a big smile, “Pops, we didn’t get a penny but you know we are all excited I got out of there on time.” 

True, as he has not been a diligent scholar. 

What we do get from this young man is a special love and bond that thrills us as we spend time with him. We celebrated his first birthday in The Grove at an Ole Miss football game and I literally can count on two hands how many Ole Miss home games we have missed together in the last 17 years. And he continues to make time to see his grandparents, even as a bustling senior. 

Davis loves family and always has time for his younger siblings and many cousins, too. He simply has a big heart, and he demonstrates how much he cares. It has its advantages as he has his Aunt Mit and Aunt Haley wrapped around his little finger. 

I share this as I hope we all will reflect on how important family is and how easy it is to get busy and miss those magical moments of being together. I know when I was Davis’s age, I was too busy trying to grow up to realize what a special family love and support system I had around me. Remember, it’s the little moments spent with family that create the most cherished memories.  Are you taking the time and focus to prioritize family time?  What is your latest family event that is most memorable to you? 

CeCe,  what is the credit card charge at the Gap for?

Davis has my credit card, he came by yesterday to visit with me.

Ole Miss here he comes…

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