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What’s Stopping You?

All of us have door stops in our lives — some we have had for a long time, and some we have developed in the last year or two. Here's the key to achieve our full potential.

Watch Your Speed

Jumping into the car with CeCe, we are running a quick errand to pick up some plants for her gardening. Like her late father Poppy, CeCe is a master gardener and we have the yard to prove it. Beautiful! As we pull up to the red light, I look over and see a big yellow ... Read more

Don’t Forget to Take Out the Garbage

Bang, clang and a loud hum…the garbage truck is here! Panic set in as I realized that I had not put out our overflowing garbage cans. I jumped up from my office in the front of the house, ran to the back and opened the carport doors. I could hear the garbage truck was close, ... Read more

One Small Thing

One small thing, if repeated daily, is not a small thing. It leads to big things and big impact. One good daily habit can be the difference in great and average. The difference in outstanding and typical. Small things are always easy to do or easy not to do.  Daily things like: Writing down three ... Read more

Thinking Matters

Focus is powerful and it starts with thinking about the most important things. Am I doing what I simply want to do or am I working on my priorities? Am I letting little things cloud my focus on the important ones? White space defined as quiet reflection time helps us focus on the most important ... Read more

Pizza Kills Uncommon Discipline

Recently, after hosting our partner retreat, I was exhausted after our six hour drive back home. We also had my grandson, Davis, and a friend of his with us all week so when I wasn’t leading our retreat, I was trying to keep up with two 10-year-olds who could exhaust the energizer bunny.  After we ... Read more